March 24, 2016.

Spruce Knob has many, many entrances- but most of them have plenty of signage to direct you to the observation tower and to the lake. The road to the lake from the observation tower is relatively rough. Be sure to drive slowly and watch for potholes (some of them could probably be considered craters….but I digress.) Park at the parking area and walk to the lake. The trail makes a loop and you’re free to choose which way you want to go. I generally start on the side with the fishing areas. It’s a flat gravel trail that passes several fishing spots to before winding around into the forest.

20160324_122037You  can see the lake at almost any point in the trail, aside from the short stint that it takes through the forest. This is where the eagle usually hangs out.This part passes over a few small tributaries to the lake.20160324_122513

The trail picks up as a boardwalk trail shortly after the above photo. The boardwalk navigates you through the marshy areas where skunk cabbage and ferns grow.20160324_122816

You get several glimpses of the lake and the surrounding mountaintops as you make your way around the lake. The trail passes through a dense stand of spruce trees before popping back out onto the dam and looping back around to the parking lot. It’s a very easy walking trail.20160324_122943