March 22, 2016.

In order to access the Abe’s Run Trail, you’ll need to start on the Deer Run Trail. The trailhead is right above the camping area and begins with a trail sign and an interpretive sign. It follows the road, and comes up to a bridge below the road. You can also enter from this side. Abes Run splits off downhill before you come to the bridge if you enter through the campground side. After some downhill hiking, you’ll come to the boardwalk, which spans most of the trail.20160322_152243

If you go in the winter, though, be sure to exercise caution – this boardwalk is ridiculously slippery with snow on it! Luckily you won’t be falling too far down if you do fall off of the boardwalk in most places, but you’ll probably be pretty wet and unhappy.20160322_151948

The boardwalk continues for most of the trail, but the section that winds through the spruce-dominated section of the dense forest is just a regular hiking trail. The boardwalk picks up again soon after the intersection with the Mill Creek Trail. I was running out of daylight, so I opted to just finish out the Abe Run Trail loop instead of hopping on the Mill Creek Trail. From the footprints in the snow, it appeared that I was the only one in quite some time to choose that route. It continues slightly uphill until you reach the Deer Run trail again, right across from where you originally entered the Abe Run Trail. 20160322_151828