March 22, 2016.

Directions: to get to the Blackwater River Trail, take US33 to Canaan Valley Resort State Park. Turn into the park and follow the road until it ends in the parking lot next to the golf course. The Blackwater River Trail begins at the edge of this parking lot on the opposite side from the golf course. The sign for the trail is in the field beside the lot – don’t take the gated gravel road. 20160322_142530The trail isn’t super obvious in the field, but is blazed and becomes more obvious as you head downhill. You’ll head into a forest with red-blazed trees and follow the trail down the hillside. 20160322_142815
The trail levels out as you get your first glimpse of the river. You can explore the small side trail to get to the edge of the river, but be prepared for the marshy conditions near the edge of the river. As you continue around the trail, you’ll be parallel with the river and be greeted with an expansive view of the river valley.20160322_144124
The second half of the trail brings you along this section of rocky river bank. The trail goes uphill from here, but there’s also a small side trail that continues into the forest and down to the river bank. From here, it’s a very short distance to get back to the parking lot as the trail loops back around to the bottom of the field that you started the trail in. 20160322_144611