September 7, 2015.
To get to this trail, follow US33 to the top of Shavers Mountain. You’ll see 2 gravel roads that start in the middle of a truck turnout (strange placement, I know.) Take the left road (the right road leads to private residences) and you’ll pass a parking area. This is parking for a short access trail (which I ended up hiking way later- I’ll link back when I’ve written that post!) You’ll see a road jut up the mountain to the left- this road leads to Bear Heaven and Bickle Knob. Continue on and you’ll pass the powder blue “Otter Creek Wilderness” sign. Go around the gate at the parking area. You’ll soon pass an area where you can either take the bridge or go through the stream.
img_20150907_170216It is a bit of an odd bridge, though- it ends right at the base of a tree. The trail will go right from here and continue through the forest. It’s a nice, shady, relatively flat trail. It does have a few uphill sections, though. Before long, you’ll be greeted with a view of the valley.img_20150907_170909We found a path down the bank and explored the stream a bit. We found bear tracks all around in the loose sand, so we headed up and continued on the trail. From here, it passes several camping areas and the stream again. img_20150907_171601We made our way past the stream once more and up into a field of tall grasses and shrubs. The trail became wooded again and circled around a large bolder. After a few failed climbing attempts, we decided to head back so we could make it back to the car before sunset.