August 11, 2015.
Honeycomb Rocks is one of the most unique interpretive trails I’ve ever been on. It’s a very short trail that leads you past all of the honeycomb rocks. These were formed as iron-rich water flowed through cracks in the sandstone eons ago; it left behind iron oxide. The softer sandstone was eroded away by wind, temperature, and rain- and left the honeycomb patterns behind. Some of the rocks have the simple geometric honeycomb pattern that you see above, but others have various swirls and patterns running through them.The short trail leads you to signs that tell of the history and geology of the area. The view from the parking lot isn’t too shabby, either- the rain had started to move in again, so we decided to head back to Fayetteville and hit up Gumbo’s for some buffalo and bleu cheese shrimp.20150811_175719