June 7, 2015.
One hot summer day, we headed north to Summersville Lake to go to the Pirate’s Cove. To get there from south of Summersville, head north on I-19 and cross the bridge that goes over Summersville Lake. The parking area will be on the right at a gravel area that has a gate with a “No Parking in Front of the Gate” sign. This is the same parking area as the access to Orange Oswald and a few other climbing areas. Head straight from the parking lot and the trail will turn uphill. It’s a short uphill span and then the long, long downhill descent begins.

You’ll pass a few side trails that lead to various climbing areas, but you’ll want to stay on the main path. Eventually, you’ll come to an area near the water where you’ll need to use a rope (no worries, it’s permanently tied around the trees) to get down to the water. After a short descent to the water, you’ll be greeted with this view img_20150607_213415As you can see, there’s also a small waterfall in front of the overhang. The water is deep and clear here. 20150607_154427You can see the bridge if you swim out far enough (or if you walk far enough along the bank.) As you can see, there’s an area where you can use a rope to climb up and stand on a ledge to jump off. Keep in mind that jumping over 6 feet is illegal (but this jump is less than 6 feet high.) If you’re not feeling that far of a swim, you can also use the rock in the right side corner to jump in.