August 11, 2015.
One of the stops along the Highland Scenic Highway is the Falls of Hills Creek. This hike starts at a nice parking area and starts a gentle downhill slope. The entirety of the hike in is downhill, so keep that in mind for the hike back up. The first waterfall that you come to is the smallest. It’s a little hard to see from the wooded boardwalk. Much of the trail varies between a slippery wooded boardwalk and a dirt path. Along the dirt path, we ran into a few of these interesting blue crayfish.11892143_10207929564981675_2930581099581782720_nWe were impressed by the striking blue color. You’ll take a small bridge over the creek and continue on a bit of a flatter area. This is where you’ll find the overlook area for the second waterfall. This one is a wider, medium sized waterfall that’s surrounded by moss and trees. 11889502_10207929565021676_5117495459003225774_nIt’s pretty easy to get down to, as well. The trail goes back to a boardwalk type area after this and be careful in the rain- its a sloped sidewalk that definitely gets slippery after rain. The first overlook area for the third waterfall is at the top of the long set of stairs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the metal and wooden stairs down to the lower viewing platform. This is where the best view is. 11058349_10207929565061677_9164655877234002695_oThe third waterfall is by far the tallest. We looked for the trail that people had been using to walk up to the falls, but we couldn’t locate it, so we hiked back up and continued down the highland scenic highway. 11894650_10207929566661717_436240392197481583_o