June 3, 2015.
On our first weekend off, we decided to do some exploring in the New River Gorge. I’d heard a lot about the Endless Wall Trail but found relatively few photos online, so we set off.
Directions: From I-19, turn onto Lansing-Edmond Road (if you’re coming from south, it’s the second right after the New River Gorge Bridge.) The trailhead will be on the right a few miles in. You’ll pass 2 other parking areas for other trails.

The trail starts at a gentle downhill slope, but it’s a very well maintained trail. There’s a trail camera near the beginning of the trail, so be careful what faces you’re making as you pass by…ha. The trail follows the creek for the first portion and has a small bridge over the creek. img_20150603_165735It’s much sandier on the other side of the creek, but that quickly gives way to a dirt path once more. It begins a relatively short and somewhat steep climb uphill after crossing over a bridge made from 2 logs. The forest is much drier here. At the top of this incline, the trail splits 2 ways – one to the overlook and the other to the climbing access.
20150603_151349We chose the path to the climbing access, since we were scoping out the climbing scene as well. Before descending down a metal ladder affixed to the rock face, the trail does feature an overlook, and this in itself would make for a decent short hike. The trail to the official overlook is much longer.
20150603_143246This is the view from the top of the rock before you climb down the set of 2 metal ladders. While the ladders do have some tread on them, going on a rainy day is certainly an adventure. At the bottom of the ladder, you’re greeted with the climbing areas. The wall stretches on for a long, long way. We followed the trail around the base to look at climbs and stopped around a small waterfall that begins at the top of the rock wall before heading back.

The Burrito Bar is also located just off of Lansing-Edmond road, so we stopped for food on the way back. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.