May 23, 2015.
Before I left to spend my summer in the New River Gorge, we took one last adventure in the North Fork Valley. We chose the Landis Trail, supposedly less strenuous than the Redman Run trail.
Directions: To get here, turn on to Smoke Hole Road, just before Petersburg. Continue on the road until you find a small parking area on the right with a trail sign. The parking area can fit 3-4 cars.

The trail quickly starts up the mountainside at a relatively moderate pace. It’s somewhat rocky, but not as steep as most sections of the Redman Run Trail. I never seem to remember to take photos of the actual process of hiking to the destination…imagine that. This is a spot that overlooks the town of Petersburg from the trail, near the signs about peregrine falcons.
The trail comes to an intersection with a sign pointing to the rocks and another pointing to US 33. Take the uphill section toward the rocks and you’ll be greeted with this view.

20150523_151857If you continue along the cliff’s edge, you’ll soon run into signs that tell you that the area behind them is a restricted access area. Peregrine Falcons use the cliff faces there as nesting grounds, so humans aren’t allowed to hike around the area during nesting times to avoid disturbing them. No matter, though- the view is a nearly 360 degree view from where you can stand out on a rock that juts over the valley.