June 7, 2014.

A friend was visiting from out of state and wanted some photos with the mountains, so we decided to head to Table Rock and do just that. You can read how to get to Table Rock and about my previous experiences herehere, and here.


This is the view that greets you immediately as you emerge from the thick rhododendron jungle. 10452364_10204378444245876_4151691123398379939_nAs I’ve said before, this would make an absolutely awesome spot for senior portraits. Short hike, beautiful views, and a lot of different settings to work with. What more could you ask for?

10347557_10204378445245901_7516950434601743622_nThough we *may* have gotten a little carried away with the dramatic portraits….ha! You can see in the background where the road cuts through the mountain, as well as where the Blackwater River gets its start.

1908356_10204378442405830_2217867798669826338_nAnd, of course, here’s my staple edge-of-the-rock portrait.