October 2, 2013.

We decided to make returning to Rich Mountain to see the fall colors our yearly tradition. We loaded up the car with Tilly, the German Shep, and headed out. The access to this trail is down the road right across from the historic bank in Beverly. Make a right at the fork and follow it until it turns to gravel. You’ll pass the quarry and at the top, you’ll park in the gravel lot on the left and cross the street to a gated road.

On the way up, we could already see the spectacular colors along the road.

563637_10202426673252821_1522999259_nThe hike up isn’t too bad. It’s a little steep, but it’s a constant grade on a well-maintained road. Suddenlink uses this road to access their towers and satellite dishes. We had timed it just right this time: the fall colors were very close to their peak.

1378444_10202426683453076_2024670267_nAnother week or so and the leaves would have definitely been at their peak, but we were eager to take this hike and had super busy schedules between work and classes. The view, though, was definitely not bad this time.995516_10202426683413075_2080840519_nEven Tilly enjoyed hanging out near the edge of the mountainside. She had fun jumping around on the rocks and exploring.