October 5, 2013.

I met up with a friend at Seneca Rocks to go Pawpaw Picking, but that only took around a half an hour….so we decided to drive down Smoke Hole Road and see what we could find instead. We pulled over at the first trailhead we saw (which, it turns out, is the second one along the road), which was the Redman Run Trailhead. It was around 90 degrees, unusual for October, but we decided to give the steep trail a try. The end view was absolute, 100% worth the rough hike to get there.


At first, the trail is a nice, relatively level gravel road. The true trail splits from this road and gets much, much steeper and more narrow. The trail itself is around a mile and a half. Eventually, you’ll reach a junction with the North Fork Mountain Trail. One sign points you to Chimney Rock and the other to US Route 33. We chose to take the Chimney Rock way.

1383500_10202446430426738_1900431740_nWe found a geocache at the edge of the rock in the upper right hand corner of this photo. Unfortunately the log book was soaking wet, so we didn’t get to sign it, but it was still a neat and unexpected find. We climbed a bit higher and got even more  of a spectacular view:

1383623_10202446444187082_755984404_nAfter we took in the view for a while, we decided to sit on the edge of the rocks and eat some of the Pawpaws that we had picked earlier in the day. Definitely one of the prettiest picnics I’ve taken!

This is an out-and-back trail, so you’ll want to take the same way out (unless you feel like hiking an extra few miles to get to US Route 33.