August 11, 2013.

I was bound and determined for some blueberries for a pie- so naturally, I set off to Dolly Sods. I’d never been before, so I chose the trail that a friend had recommended for blueberries. It was incredible! You literally could just stick your hand under a blueberry bush and it would fill your entire hand with no picking needed. Here’s the bounty from only a half an hour of picking!


Since blueberry picking took so little time, we decided to follow the trail for a bit. It heads down the meadows and up to a more wooded area. Here, there’s a stream crossing and the trail heads immediately uphill. We paused at the stream crossing for lunch.

1146535_10202041267017906_247865156_nThe trail levels out to a semi-marshy area with a boardwalk. After making your way through a dense rhododendron forest, you’ll find yourself in an open meadow full of prairie grasses and small, gnarled trees. The wind definitely has an effect on the trees here. There’s a large tree in the middle of the meadow. We hiked to the tree and settled down for a short nap- we were definitely aiming for a leisurely afternoon rather than a long-distance hike.

The view from under the large tree in the field. The grass was so comfortable! After a while of napping and looking over the Monongahela National Forest Map, we decided to head back and make our blueberry pies. We paused again at the stream crossing, though a little further upstream this time, to take a few more photos before heading back to our cars.