February 8, 2014.
When we finally got enough snow, I set off to Blackwater Falls State Park to rent some skiis and go Cross Country Skiing. The staff was super friendly and recommended that skiing out to Lindy Point would be a great beginner experience. And it would have been!- if we just weren’t so, so awful at XC Skiing. Ha! I fell on my knees…and face….so many times. Here’s a photo of Ben on the road:1508102_10203470224020938_2004889191_nAs you can see from the trails, it’s a popular spot for Nordic Skiing. The road is pretty easy and relatively flat. It has 2 small uphill/downhill sections, but even we could conquer those. When we got to the trail, we saw how steep the downhill grade was, so we ditched our skis and walked down- but many had skied down the trail to the overlook itself.

1908330_10203470223300920_546526773_nA snow flurry blew up right as we got to the overlook. We stuck around for a bit and took some photos, but didn’t dare go out onto the icy rocks beyond the overlook platform. We didn’t have enough time to ski another trail, so we decided to head over and see Blackwater Falls, since neither of us had been there in the winter. 1902740_10203470228021038_1295924776_nAside from the brown tint to the water, the landscape (and the photos) look like a black & white filter has been applied to it. The falls had a ton of ice and the trees around them were weighted down with all of the ice and snow. It was definitely worth the trip down the snowy, slippery stairs. 1610005_10203470226581002_538849229_n