May 11, 2012.

After reading that you could access the High Falls of Cheat via the Bemis Railroad, we decided again to try to find the falls. We got all of our gear together and drove to Bemis- which, if you’ve never been, is your typical West Virginia back road: incredibly windy, downhill, and narrow.

933961_10201393624947259_1143429075_nOnce we got to Bemis, we realized that we had made a horrible mistake: nobody had bothered to see which direction you’re supposed to hike. We took our best guess and started hiking – what we would later find out- in the wrong direction. We followed the tracks for quite a distance.

942079_10201393627827331_1513406999_nAs you can tell, it was a pretty rainy day. The river was up quite a bit. It began sprinking around this point, but we carried on despite the rain. Eventually, we crossed over a rickety bridge and decided to re-evaluate- we hadn’t read anything about a bridge in the description of how to get to the falls via railroad.

316408_10201393628467347_1030882010_nIt was just a little flood-y. It was at this point that we saw lightning- cloud to ground lightning, and close. Unfortunately, we had to beat feet back to the car to avoid getting struck by lightning (walking along a metal rail isn’t exactly where I want to be during a lightning storm.) We did run into a spotted newt eft on our way out, but we were most assuredly hiking in the wrong direction for the falls. Whoops! At least the views were pretty….