August 3, 2013.

A friend’s dad knew of an old growth forest way back on a back road in Sully that has some hiking trails through it. We decided to load up in his truck and go. We took the road to Sully that’s right next to the Alpine Lodge in Alpina. The road itself is another windy, narrow road with a bunch of rock outcrops on one side and a steep drop-off on the other. We made it back to Forest Service property, where there’s a gate to keep people out of a cave. We could see our destination in the distance….

946329_10201980636142172_1139037330_nYou can see in the distance where there’s a section of larger trees. That’s where we were trying to go….but weren’t really sure how to get there. We set off across the field (and, of course, ran into several snakes….and thorny plants…and holes….)

As it always seems to do, the sky began to gather storm clouds as we made our way across the field. Finally, when we thought we were getting close, we ran into….a forest road. We followed the road for a while, which led up the mountain. We finally got to the top, eager to peek out from the ridge and see how close we were to our destination- only to find that we could barely see out of the forest.1005921_10201980637302201_1172262008_nAnd, much to our dismay, we had somehow turned in the opposite direction of our destination…at that point, we decided to call it a day and head down to the swimming hole at Grover, WV.