After getting directions from some mountain bikers on the Pointy Knob Trail, we found our way to the Table Rock trailhead. Despite our better judgement, we forged on down the trail in spite of the distant thunder.


The trail itself is an incredibly wet trail. I had assumed at the time that it was just because of the recent storms- but I’ve been on the trail after near-drought conditions and it’s STILL incredibly saturated. The trail winds around in a birch-dominant forest for a while before becoming more rocky. It’s a very easy trail with little grade.

You do, however, have to pick your way around some of the marshy areas and standing water if you want to keep your feet relatively dry and clean. There’s a camping area right before you come upon the rock.


And this is the view that you’re greeted with as you emerge from the thick rhododendron. Hopefully, your view isn’t covered in storm clouds and rain like mine was- but it was beautiful and awe-inspiring nonetheless.

538303_4195107960656_530027836_nOf course, a small rock ledge exists under the edge at this point, so you can take silly photos like this – as long as you can brave the heights ;). If you look closely, you can see the Blackwater Canyon Trail on the ridgeline. It’s very close to his sunglasses level on the ridge behind him.

181214_4195111200737_1228815534_nOf course if you go, you have to get a dramatic photo of you sitting on the edge of the rock…even if 90% of it is whited-out by stormclouds. It was at about this point that the storm was making a beeline down the canyon toward us. We made a beeline for the car, but-

542103_4195119400942_1829740738_nwe definitely did not manage to jog the 1.2 miles back to the car before the storm hit and the downpour started. Whoops….