To get to this section, you need to take the road across from the bank in Beverly. Take a right and continue down the road. The road will turn into a gravel road as you work your way up the mountain and past the quarry. At the top of the mountain, you’ll see a tombstone in an iron cage on the left, as well as a trail leading up the mountain on the left and the right. Park over on the left and take a minute to read the civil war informational signs. They’re pretty interesting- the area used to be a homestead and various remnants exist in the area.

Head across the road to a sign that tells you about the homestead and the rocks. Soldiers thought that they were surely going to be killed, so they carved their names into the rocks during the battle. Some of these carvings are still visible today. We didn’t find any during this trip, but I did find them on a return trip.

580802_4467657294219_1267579810_nMost of us hiked up, but one took his bike. It’s an uphill hike, but not too steep and well maintained. It’s a gravel road that Suddenlink (whose towers you can see in the background) uses to access some of their satellites and other equipment. That part’s uninteresting- but if you turn around, you’re greeted with a stellar view of the outskirts of Elkins, Midland, Beverly, and beyond.

555905_4467659254268_270443784_nAs the trend for hiking in 2012 seemed to be, this was another stormy hike. No worries- I have better photos from a return trip in the fall, which I’ll also link here. Angry clouds, lightning, and a rolling valley greeted us. The best part is that the edge up here includes a great spot to take in the view…

548089_4467660814307_1127520563_n The chair is, of course, chained down to the rock, so it’s there to stay for a while. The storms started to move closer, so we didn’t spend much more time on the ridge. We did, however, take the obligatory group photo at the top:

314069_4467665894434_1684608437_nEven the dog was a perfect fit for the photo. This would be a great spot for any sort of professional photos. It even has the great setup with the big red chair. The return route is the same as the one that you took up- It’s an out and back route to the awesome overlook.