September 9, 2012.

We learned a valuable lesson this day…..don’t hike to Rich Mountain if it’s raining. Everything, literally everything, will be covered in fog. We even encountered a super terrifying bobcat resting on a rock at the beginning of our hike. 264009_4742545686257_1857998355_nNo worries, we all got through safely. It was a savage battle. We followed the same path as my previous post on hiking Rich Mountain Battlefield. The fog got thicker the further we went, but we’d already come this far- we thought we may as well head to the top.


That’s what we get for hiking on a rainy fall day, I suppose. At any rate, everything was covered in fog when we got to the top. It was also horrendously windy and freezing cold (most of us were in shorts – it was warm back in Elkins!)


But the fog did lift enough to give us somewhat of a view down into the valley below. This is as clear as it got the entire time we were up there. We explored around a bit before deciding to head back down. We went off-path and wandered through the boulder field looking for the carvings- and what do you know, we found them! Most of them are weathered to the point that it’s hard to read them and some are illegible, but many of them are still easy to read.

392132_4742546446276_796790690_nThese boulders are just above the main road that you took to get to the trail, but it’s hard to describe how to get to this particular one. My only advice is that if you’re coming from the road above the boulder field, head down and stay to the left- and keep your eyes peeled!