October 20, 2012.

Tired of seeing this place yet? Ha! It’s such a short trail and so close that it’s a great place to go when you’re not feeling so spry or are pressed on time.

This time, we hiked the trail with Tilly, a german shep. She enjoyed running around and sniffing everything on the way up.


The fall colors were striking this time around, but unfortunately we had timed it just a little too early for the colors to be at their peak. No worries- we enjoyed it so much that we decided to make an annual October trip here to try to see the fall colors at their peak.

The photo on the top is a bit lackluster, no doubt- but we found some more rock carvings and I took a much, much better photo of one of them this time. 230951_4953632483295_349923745_nThey’re weathering away at kind of an alarming rate, but there’s not much of a way to preserve them.