September 30, 2012.

A week later, the fall colors really popped, so we decided to visit Bear Heaven and Bickle Knob again. Recognize this place from the last post? It’s a lot more colorful this time.

206396_4848692139852_455822087_nMost of the rocks are really easy to navigate. Many of them are just exposed, so you can go up the dirt paths beside them and walk out on top. This is the view from one such rock:

375918_4848693339882_237306038_nWe chose pretty much the same paths this time as we did the time before- but we didn’t have the challenge of lifting a heavy German Shep puppy over the deeper cracks. After exploring around Bear Heaven, we popped over to Bickle Knob for a quick walk to the top of the fire tower. The road there was gorgeous.


It’s a pretty well maintained road (as far as forest roads go) that’s pretty easy to follow. There’s a very obvious fork in the road where the fire tower road begins and a spring along the road. The view from the top on the fall day was definitely worth stopping: